Box (6) Fat Bastard Pinot Noir

Box (6) Fat Bastard Pinot Noir

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A Pinot Noir on the full-bodied end of the spectrum, the Fat Bastard Pinot Noir is spectacular drop that challenges you to live large. Carpe diem? Carpe vinum!

An unadulterated expression of its famed French soil, the Fat Bastard Pinot Noir is a red with a surprising amount of heft for the often light varietal alongside a heaping of phat flavour (people still say "phat", right?). Ruby red, it's filled out with an intense crushed strawberry flavour and matches excellently with all the best I'm-full-but-I'll-eat-it-anyway foods. Yum.

Shut out the shame, grab a block of cheese and have the best time ever with the Fat Bastard Pinot Noir. You won't regret it (well, maybe a little, but you'll 100% hit the gym tomorrow, so it's all good!)

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